Daily Rental Credit Application

Thank you for inquiring with HFC ACCEPTANCE, LLC for Daily Rental financing. Listed below are those items needed to review of your request for a line of credit. Please ensure all documents are filled out completely and returned promptly. HFC will be unable to begin a credit review until all required documents have been 
submitted in full.

  • Checklist
  • Request Form for Daily Rental Financial
  • Financial Statement Supplement (included in form)
  • Current Personal Financial Statement of All Owners (included in form)
  • Business Credit Application (included in form)
  • Last two fiscal year end Personal Tax returns of all owners.
  • Last two fiscal year end business financials (balance sheet and income statement).
  • Most current interim business financials (balance sheet and income statement).
  • Articles of incorporation from Secretary of State.
  • Fictitious Name (D/B/A) Filing
  • Copy of rental agreement executed with customers.
  • Copy of Board of Equalization (Re-Sale) Certificate.
  • Current liability insurance certificate or self insurance notification from state with copy of DMV Bond.
  • Copy of physical damage insurance or signed letter on company letterhead from owner indicating 
    self insured and agrees to pay off HFC (Lender) for damaged and stolen vehicles.
  • Copy of DMV License.
  • Copy of Dealer Bond (if applicable).
  • Copy of City Business License.
  • Current schedule of fleet inventory showing year / make / model purchase price / loan balance and 
    monthly payment.

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